Visual aids and reference images are one of the best and clearest ways to show our stylists exactly what it is you want your hair to be like. But they can be a little overwhelming at times, especially when you aren’t really sure what it is your going for. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of reference photos.

German-born, Chrissie trained in a salon in Dortmund, followed by a lengthy stint as hair and makeup artist on a number of well-known German TV series. In 2012 Chrissie travelled to London where she spent 5 years as a senior stylist in leading salons, building an impressive portfolio and loyal clientele, as well as tutoring up-and-coming stylists. The newest member of the growing SitStil team, Chrissie is highly skilled in all aspects of hairdressing, with particular emphasis on bridal work, being accomplished in both hair up-styling and makeup. Opting to take a holistic approach to her work, Chrissie likes to consider the person as a whole – who they are, their style, and personality before developing the perfect plan for their new look.