Upgrade Freestyle Iron


Smooth, it creates soft waves. IT’S FREESTYLE BY UPGRADE, the avant-garde design plate. Developed for professional use, FREESTYLE is characterised by an innovation that improves performance and incredibly simplifies its use. Because with FREESTYLE you will no longer have to open and close the plates as in traditional models. UPGRADE has equipped it with a central opening through which the hair flows easily. This solution also prevents heat loss by keeping the temperature constant during styling: since you do not have to exert any pressure on the hair, your hands move freely, without straining the wrist. Now the small or large strands pass inside the fixed plates made of titanium and covered with tourmaline ceramic, so the hair becomes like silk, the colour shines and the smooth or soft natural effect lasts longer.

THAT’S WHY WITH FREESTYLE EVERYONE CAN GET THE STYLING WANTED WITHOUT STRESSING THEIR HAIR: Looking for a soft smooth look? Slide the lock inside the plates: without exerting pressure but only thanks to the heat, the hair will be exceptionally soft and silky. Is your hair frizzy and uncontrollable and do you want a medium smooth look? Just insert the lock in the central opening, holding it horizontally; then slide the plate vertically as if to form an L: the result will be a more defined smooth look. For a strong smooth look insert the lock into the opening and exert a slight pressure on the plates, then slide the plate downwards. The result will be perfect. With Free Style even the wavy effect is very simple: place the hair lock inside the opening, then hold it in tension and slide the plate downwards with a rotating movement: see the natural result? The on button is at the top, the temperature is automatically preset to 220° C; pressing it can change it up to 160° C. The anti-slip and anti-scald handle ensures maximum comfort and safety during work.

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